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About Us


There is Maneullab in the East, as in West there is Apple.

In the early ancient times in the East, it is said that HwanWoong gave mystical mugworts and garlics to creatures who sincerely wanted to become human being, and instructed them to eat them for 100 days in cave. From this myth, garlic (pronounced as ‘Maneul’ in Korean) had become a symbol of ‘sincerity’ and ‘hardworking’.

In the West, on the other hand, there is ‘Apple’ standing for forbidden fruit of knowledge which a well-known global enterprise ‘Apple’ was named after.

We ManeulLab has a great passion for becoming a worldwide IT company which owns enormous creativity as Apple. We are daily approaching to our motto: ‘Only those who sincerely cares/works for a small thing can change the world.’

With the symbol of sincerity and passion implicated in Garlic, we are to develop and operate innovative services, make joyful company for all, and finally make the world more pleasant place to live in for our kids.


For Me

We are to make a company wherein people can work with pride and self-activeness, through an inspiring working condition that people made by taking lead in having responsibility and finding meaning at even small tasks.

For Friends

A company is a living foundation where many individuals work and spend time together. When under hardships, colleagues can cheer you up and while working, they can be of great help. We would like to make joyful working condition as so.

For All Together

The goal of our services and products lies in providing convenience and joy to more people. Our ideal team would be the one who gives deep thoughts to the public interest, as for our motto: “For me, for others, and for all.”