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A cheerful communal group with a passion for growth and full respect for diversity.

Recognition, Respect, and Regard

A person who recognize, respect and regard for himself will eventually do so to others. The one who sympathize and communicate well with himself will also do so with others. ManeulLab pursuits this cultural theme which starts from ‘Myself.

不比他人 /
No Comparison To Others

‘불비타인’ (No Comparison to Others) literally means no comparison with other people. Comparison comes from searching our own value from the outer side. If we respect and regard for ourselves there is no need to compare with others since we would be full of confidence. We believe one can generate more power though harmonization coming from self-esteem.

無汗不成 /
No Pain, No Gain

Nothing is gained without sweat and hardworking. If we look back on the whole, everything is gained as much as one’s endeavor after all. The 불비타인(No comparison to others) is ManulLab’s basic philosophy, while 무한불성(No Pain, No Gain) is a realistic strategy for realizing company’s vision.